The FOGRod


FOGRod installed in a lift station, hanging from its mounting bracket (not shown) - Click for larger image.

FOGRod installed in a lift station, hanging from its mounting bracket (not shown) – Click for larger image.

  • 10% of the maintenance of floats
  • Can’t fail like pressure transducers – 10 year warranty
  • 10x easier than ultrasonics
  • Replaces floats or analog level devices with no wiring changes

The ideal wastewater level sensor will never run your pumps dry.

The ideal lift station level control system will always start the pumps no matter how much grease is in the wetwell.

That’s why you need the FOGRod. It works so well because it is simple – almost as simple as floats, but with much less maintenance; way simpler than ultrasonics; and can’t fail like pressure transducers.


The Level Indicator Transmitter (LIT) is installed in the control panel and connects to the FOGRod. – Click for larger image

  • No moving parts, sensors or electronics in the wetwell
  • Can’t run the pumps dry
  • Failsafe
  • Alarms when it needs cleaning
  • Easy to clean – pull it through the cleaning pad
  • Simple and quick to install
  • No rewiring of your control system
  • No configuration or calibration
  • As easy to understand as floats
  • Class I Division 2 with no barrier, Division 1 with barrier

Does it work when it covered in grease? The lift station photo on the left shows a FOGRod still working fine two months after the last clean. The installation photo on the right makes it easier to see where the FOGRod was installed in the lift station:


We see from this photo that you can’t tell by looking whether the grease will cause a problem. Sometimes a lot less grease than this will cause measurement problems. The LIT detects when level measurement is affected by grease, works around it, and gives you alarms to indicate that cleaning is necessary.

How is the FOGRod installed and how do you clean it? This lift station level device hangs from its own cable, and from the mounting bracket that is supplied with the FOGRod. The mounting bracket is bolted into the concrete or steel just under the lid.


The mounting bracket includes a cleaning pad – just pull the FOGRod through it to clean it off.

This is much easier than cleaning floats.

This is much easier than cleaning floats.

To learn more, read Why Try the FOGRod, take a look at more installation photos to see how simple it is – or watch the 16 minute video which explains how the whole system works, how we ensure that pumps always stop & start and how grease problems are detected and dealt with:

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