What other applications suit the FOGRod, apart from wastewater pump stations?

The FOGRod works in any conductive liquid.

The toughness and simplicity of the product were designed to suit the nasty environment of wastewater – and lots of different organizations apart from municipal organizations also have to deal with wastewater. So the FOGRod is installed in meat processing plants, major casinos, hotels & motels, hospitals, schools, libraries and universities. And probably also in lots of places we haven’t found out about.

There are many process applications in water and wastewater treatment that rely on measuring liquid level and the FOGRod is a great choice in most of those.

The FOGRod is also installed in a craft brewery – in the process. This process can go from a pH of 2 to 11. Our first question was whether there was any PVC in that tank and whether it had been there for a while. When we were told that this was the case we recommended the FOGRod and sure enough it has worked great.

The essential materials in our level sensing device are PVC, PVC cable jacket and AL6XN which is a super-high grade stainless (read about AL6XN here). This means that if you have an application with nasty chemicals we can look up the corrosion rates in standard tables – but if you already have PVC in the application and it has survived, you can be sure the FOGRod will also survive.

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