What if I want a 10 ft FOGRod?

The FOGRod comes in 2 lengths – 5 ft and 7.5 ft. For greater lengths we use two Fogrods.

The longer rod (7.5 ft) seems to cover the operating range of almost every lift station. The usual reason for requesting something longer than 7.5 ft is to provide a “high-high alarm”.

We recommend using a high level float for this high-high alarm because floats are very reliable when they aren’t hanging in wastewater. So one float, just for occasional use, is a good choice.

For those rare occasions where the operating range is actually greater than 7.5 ft, we offer two FOGRods. Hang one above the other and connect every 2nd wire into the LIT (the FOGRod control panel unit).

The reason we don’t manufacture individual 10 ft or 15 ft Fogrods is because they are very expensive to freight and much more easily broken.

Here is an example installation with 2 Fogrods:

















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