What applications don’t suit the FOGRod?

The FOGRod relies on conductivity for measurement. So it doesn’t measure petrochemical levels – like oil and diesel. And if there is a mix of oil and water it is unlikely the FOGRod will work properly – basically the oil in the water will coat the unit and insulate the contacts from the water.

Sludge is another bad application – but it does depend on the amount of sludge. If you have “enough” wet sludge, it will coat the rod and form a conductive layer, preventing the FOGRod from making good measurements.

The reason the FOGRod works great in wastewater applications – even though it is not obvious or easy to see – is the grease usually gets broken up and so does not form a perfect insulator over the FOGRod contacts. We designed the FOGRod (actually the software in the LIT that connects to the FOGRod) to detect if one or more of the contacts has got insulated and still keep the pumps starting and stopping. So if you have an application where you think the liquid mix might cause this problem please call us on 406 545 3023 to discuss it.

If we don’t think something will work – we will tell you.

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