Is the LIT compatible with the Multitrode® “probe”?

Yes. The LIT works on the same principle as the Multitrode® controllers – it applies a low a.c. voltage to each of 10 contacts on the level device (FOGRod or “probe”) and looks for current flow to ground.

So if you have a Multitrode “probe” in a well in good condition and you need to replace a Multitrode controller the LIT can be installed. There are two important points to note:

a) the LIT is expecting to “see” a 60kOhm resistance between input 10 and FS (50kOhm to 70kOhm will be fine). You can buy a 60kOhm resistor from somewhere like Radio Shack for a few cents. Connect it between FOGRod input 10 and FS. (If you don’t, the LIT will measure level just fine, but you will have an alarm light on the LIT).

b) Multitrode controllers range from the simple MTR relay, the MTIC indicator controller, the MT2PC pump controller through to the MultiSmart pump controller. The LIT does not replace the control function, only the level measurement.

Contact us if you would like to find out how to replace your Multitrode controller with the LIT. As an example, the MT2PC has been replaced by the LIT and an alternating relay and in another case by the LIT and a Healy Ruff controller and in both cases the cost saving was considerable. The MT2PC typically costs around $2300, whereas the LIT costs $480.


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