Is the FOGRod compatible with Multitrode® controllers?

Yes, you can replace a Multitrode® “probe” with a FOGRod, although we haven’t tested every single Multitrode product with a FOGRod, so please contact us to discuss if you want specific information.

The FOGRod has 10 metal contacts like the “probe”, and 11 wires instead of 10 (so you don’t connect the 11th wire: FS).

Multitrode usually calls the top contact “1” and the bottom contact “10”, whereas we call the bottom contact “1” and the top contact “10”.

So when connecting up a FOGRod to a Multitrode unit, connect wire 1 (black) into their input 10, wire 2 (red) into their input 9 and so on. You can see the color code for the FOGRod in this question.

For reference, the 11th wire from the FOGRod allows the LIT (a Wastewater Level product) to carry out a loop-back test to check integrity – you don’t wire this 11th core into a Multitrode unit.


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