Take Advantage of Big Savings – Try the FOGRod instead of the Multitrode® (Xylem®) Probe

FOGRod installed in wetwell

FOGRod installed in lift station wetwell in Pennsylvania

The FOGRod is around half the price of the Multitrode® probe and tougher. Plus the FOGRod comes with a 10-year warranty.

If you buy the FOGRod by itself with 50ft (15m) cord it costs $520 delivered (and it comes with a mounting bracket and cleaning pad). That’s around half the price of the Multitrode probe.

If you buy the FOGRod with the LIT (Level Indicator Transmitter), the system price is $980 delivered. The FOGRod and LIT can replace floats without needing any rewiring of the panel – just unhook the 4 floats and wire 4 level relays from the LIT into the same points.

LIT replacing 4 floats in Missouri lift station

LIT replacing 4 floats in Missouri lift station

Or to replace a pressure transducer or ultrasonic just disconnect the 2 wires of the transducer and connect 2 wires from the LIT’s analog output. Very simple.

The LIT also adds some unique technology. It detects rags and too much grease, prevents any resulting short-cycling, and gives an alarm when the FOGRod needs cleaning. It also detects cable problems.

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