Take Advantage of Big Savings – Try the LIT & FOGRod instead of the Multitrode® MT2PC

FOGRod installed in wetwell

FOGRod installed in lift station wetwell

The FOGRod and LIT can replace the MT2PC and Multitrode® probe for 1/3 of the cost.

The FOGRod + LIT = $980 delivered.
Compare that with over $3,000 for the MT2PC + probe.

The MT2PC from Multitrode® is an excellent pump controller with lots of configurable features. If you aren’t using most of these features (like most end-users) why not take a look at the FOGRod and LIT (Level Indicator Transmitter)?

The LIT gives level indication on the front panel. Level control is from the 10 level relays, and an analog output. Just add an alternating relay for $100 to get pump control.

LIT replacing 4 floats in Missouri lift station

LIT replacing 4 floats in Missouri lift station

When you want to change start and stop points on the LIT it’s very easy – just move the wires from one relay to another relay. For example, if you want to change the lead start from contact 4 on the FOGRod to contact 6, just take out the pair of wires from level relay 4 and connect them into level relay 6. Nothing to think about and no training needed!

The LIT also adds some unique technology. It detects rags and too much grease, prevents any resulting short-cycling, and gives an alarm when the FOGRod needs cleaning. It also detects cable problems.

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